Personal Finesse Inc, is a Business Development and Consulting firm that specializes in marketing strategies and services.  Our philosophy is diversification and encourages a multi-vectored approach as the core of our strategies. All things come in 3’s and by utilizing different polarities in your marketing and services; you increase the potency of your efforts.  We will help you to attract customers by using laser-targeted approaches while simultaneous stretching your wings to reach a wider ancillary base market.
We work with a core group of international IT developers, SEO specialists, Web and Graphic designers, PPC masters, that will help you leverage search engine and social media marketing, to help you achieve the highest ROI possible.  Our teams do this all day every day, constant looking for ways to improve the bottom line of our clients.
Our clients range from the Medical Space, Durable Medical Equipment, Laboratories and Pharmacies, to Insurance Agencies and Insurance Agents.  Personal Finesse also co-founded, a provider of technology and solutions for Medical Physicians to use within their practice.
With the implementation of EMR/EHR, Telehealth platforms, and Medical Transcribing services the medical physician and staff are able to conduct business at a higher rate of accuracy and satisfy the needs of their patients.
The foundation of any organization is based on the knowledge and expertise of its staff and key members.  From Leadership training, to Soft Skills, Sales Team training, we offer different consulting services, where we will work with you to put together  a training program for you.  Our training sessions may be conducted remotely and recorded, or on-site as well.  We will also create training materials and help develoap your in-house trainers to utilize our strategies for ongoing support.
Personal Finesse offers coaching services to business owners and entrepreneurs that are looking for a cutting edge.  We utilize a variety of tools and techniques, from meditative techniques to free-writing, and other methods to help you compartmentalize your thoughts and decision-making process.  Your mind is the tool you use to run your business.  Working with it to sharpen its skills means your are increasing your efficiency and effectiveness as a business owner or entrepreneur.
Planning and execution are paramount to a successful campaign.  Through our Business Strategies, we will help you to streamline your process to make it more efficient and effective.  This is often accomplished within 30 days of implementation, giving you the necessary metrics to ascertain your improvements and areas that need calibration, as well as uncovering other gaps in your process, that weren’t previously apparent.